TNG supports clients as they design and implement strategic change, from organization-wide culture change to the introduction of new technology.

Organizational Change

Research shows that between 50–75% of change initiatives fail. Our job is to make sure that you succeed. We bring our expertise to help leaders design and drive successful change. Whether you are facing employee engagement issues or need to accelerate your new product development process, we will partner with you to achieve transformational change. A typical engagement begins with stakeholder interviews and a rigorous assessment of your challenges. We use a systemic, holistic model to design your change initiative that results in measurable improvement in performance and culture. From there, we work with you to design a comprehensive change management strategy.

Future-Proof Strategic Planning

We help leaders meet today’s business challenges, envision the future and think about innovation in ways that have real impact.

A typical engagement begins with stakeholder interviews and an organizational readiness assessment. Which areas of your business are ready for digital transformation? Which part of your workforce is knowledgeable, up-skilled, and willing to change? To meet the blistering pace of change, you need a leadership team that is truly aligned and a flexible, scenario-based strategy. We can help you make sure that you are a ‘vigilant’ organization who is scouting the future trends, ready to respond and pivot when necessary.

Executive Coaching

Supporting leaders through organizational change has been our passion for over 20 years. We focus our executive coaching on making sure you are successful. Where other coaches focus on your personal development and assess your personality, we focus on your business challenges and empower you to drive successful change. Our goal is to deliver strategic and tactical support. We focus on you as a leader, but we often work together with you and your team. Our primary goal is to make sure you—and your team—succeed.

Effective Horizontal Teams

As the pace of change increases, you need cross-functional teams to work effectively across silos. If your project teams are poorly designed, progress is slowed or grinds to a halt. We can help you build horizontal collaboration skills in your leaders and throughout your organization. Strengthening your horizontal leadership muscles will improve speed to decision and speed to execution.