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We support leaders in designing and leading successful change

We help leaders and their teams accelerate successful strategic change

Strategic Planning

We help leaders meet today’s business challenges, envision the future and think about innovation in ways that have real impact.

Organizational Change

We help you design and manage change, including workforce transformation and culture change.

Effective Horizontal Teams

To be successful at change, you need alignment and speed-to-decision. We help you streamline and accelerate the work of cross-functional teams. 

Executive Coaching

We support leaders with mission-critical projects and change initiatives. Our goal is to make sure you succeed.

Cassie Solomon is a strategist, futurist, and organizational change expert.

She is the president and founder of The New Group Consulting, a firm focused on supporting leaders as they envision and execute change.

Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon’s book, Leading Successful Change: 8 Keys to Making Change Work, was revised and published in 2020 by Wharton School Press.

“Few people have more experience guiding organizational change than Greg Shea and Cassie Solomon.”
— Adam Grant, New York Times–bestselling author, Originals and Give and Take

In Leading Successful Change, Shea and Solomon share:

  • Why most change efforts fail
  • The two key tenets for making successful change
  • How to create a compelling vision of the future
  • The 8 Levers of Change, a holistic method for designing the work environment to support the changes
  • How winning companies—from Twitter to Viacom—are successfully implementing change

“Cassie has been an invaluable thinking partner on our issues of culture change as well as strategy. She is challenging us to think clearly about the technology disrupting financial services and financial regulation and helping us to plan boldly for the future. Her style is deeply collaborative, so we experience real change when we work with her, the kind that feels like it comes from the inside out.”

– John Ryan, President and CEO, Conference of State Bank Supervisors

“I was a little skeptical of using a virtual format for our Strategic Growth Conference at first, but it really worked. The way Cassie designed the meeting made it more productive and more engaging—using our high potentials to help us think about digital transformation and the future was powerful. I’ve seen the feedback surveys for our annual meeting for the past five years now and this was some of the best feedback we have ever gotten. This was a great success—we have a lot of data, information and thoughts to take forward into the new strategy year.”

– Frances Coady, Day & Zimmerman