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Growing Pains: Developing High-Growth Companies

As companies transition from start-up venture to professionally managed organization, there are predictable growing pains. These include:

  • People spend too much time “putting out fires,” or
  • People lack understanding about where the firm is headed, or
  • People feel that “I have to do it myself if I want it done correctly.”

For founders and CEOs there is another point that is too often painful: as companies grow, jobs narrow, even for those at the top.

There is an excellent book by Eric Flamholtz and Yvonne Randle called Growing Pains: Transitioning from an Entrepreneurship to a Professionally Managed Firm that helps you understand and navigate this transition.

Flamholtz and Randle:

  • Seek to demystify the process of transitioning successfully from start‐up venture to professionally managed organization.
  • Provide information about the stages of the growth process, including tips for success at each stage as well as indicators that a venture has gone awry.

Download an abstract and take the quiz to determine if your business is experiencing these growing pains.