Leading Successful Change:

8 Keys to Making Change Work

Why do as many as 75% of change initiatives fail?

In the book, we demonstrate that change — real change — means changing behavior. Making behavioral change stick means changing the work environment or, more precisely, the work systems that comprise the work environment. We discuss:

  • 1.The 2 tenets for making successful change: focus on the behavior you want from people and design the work environment to foster those behaviors
  • 2.
    How to create a scene that will provide a vision of the future
  • 3.
    The 8 Levers of Change: a tried-and-true method for designing the work environment to support the changes
  • 4.
    How winning companies — from IKEA to a hospital near you — are successfully implementing change

Change is not optional and it is difficult — but it is also not impossible.

We hope our book can serve as a guidepost to your next change endeavor.